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Introducing Safari Quest, a unique self-drive experience over 1100 acres at the 5-star Palmerstown House Estate, Kildare. Families will be transported on a journey through fantastical worlds of weird and wonderful creatures.


Join the intrepid explorers as you navigate through the Magical Forest, visit the Land of Giants and embark on a journey of discovery through Space Exploration. Adventurers will then tackle Jurassic Jungle before ending the quest Under the Sea.


The beauty of Safari Quest is that the entire escapade can be enjoyed from the confines of your car aka your Safari vehicle creating a safe and enjoyable experience from beginning to end for you and your family bubble.


Before arriving at Safari Quest, families will download the interactive app where they can choose a team name and photo. Each family will assign a driver, navigator and quest members who will have different responsibilities during the adventure from driving the route to managing the app and looking out for the magical clues.


The fantastic Safari Quest guide, Billy Brave will lead you through the magical worlds and prompt you to look out for clues, answer the questions correctly to unlock the next world.


Families can book their preferred time slot and upon arrival follow the lead Safari vehicle in a convoy to complete the hour-long journey. Unravel the mysteries and return as heroes, each family will receive a Scroll of Victory via the app once they have succeeded.

Back in April, we decided not to  wait around for everything to return to 'normal' and to pivot as a business, hence developing this covid-proof family event concept with our partners. We are so excited about this one!

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